About Krav Maga New York

About Krav Maga New York

If you’d like to learn more about Krav Maga New York, we encourage you to get to know us.  Visit us, take a trial class, and find out if our proven methods are right for you.

We offer world renowned, elite self defense classes and proven fitness training for ordinary, everyday people.  We run 40 classes a week for adults, kids, women only and for families who want to kick together and stick together.

Classes incorporate self defense, fitness, boxing, kick boxing, yoga, Verbal Self Defense (a character development program for kids), Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and fighting techniques.  We also offer training camps, group presentations and private, one on one lessons.

Since 2004, Krav Maga New York has offered a dedicated, expert staff, progressive training, a safe, curious and professional environment and classes 7 days a week.

Our outstanding work has been featured in The Journal News, the North County News, Mahopc and Yorktown News, the Record Review, Somers Record, LoHud.com, the Blotter, Hudson Valley Magazine, Healthy Frontiers, and News 12 Westchester.

About Krav Maga New York | Mission Statement

For men, women and kids who want to embark on a life changing experience, Krav Maga New York is a community of likeminded, everyday people that offers elite self defense and fitness training so that our members can achieve their fitness goals and gain a sense of uniqueness, self reliance, and self worth.

About Krav Maga New York | Members

Our members are kids, teens, college students, men, women, moms, dads, accountants, lawyers, doctors, teachers, specialists, tradesmen, first responders…everyday people representing all abilities, all ages and all walks of life.

Fitness and self defense is something that our members choose to make time for because every class represents personal accomplishment, progression and change.  And they train with us long term because the Instructors care, the workout is like no other, the friendships they make are real, and the skills they gain last a lifetime.

Our kids on the other hand, they’re in it because the Instructors are cool, and because it’s fun. Little do they know that our classes are making them stronger, courageous, confident and that Verbal Self Defense is teaching them the life skills that will define their character.