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  • Krav Maga Class Schedules

    Krav Maga Classes in Westchester

    Krav Maga New York offers just under 50¬†classes a week including Fitness, Kick Boxing, Yoga, Krav Maga classes for adults and kids, Verbal Self-Defense classes, Self-Defense classes for Women Only, classes for Law Enforcement and other theme based classes. Since 2004 we’ve trained thousands of men, women and kids, hinderers of police officers and dozens of agencies and special response teams, including high profile¬†protective services detail.

    For Krav Maga Classes in Somers, see our schedule here.

    To get started, click here.

    Krav Maga Classes in Middletown

    Krav Maga Classes in Middletown are available for Law Enforcement only and for adults and kids.

    For Krav Maga Classes in Middletown, call us at (855) 426-5728.

    For a Trial class, email

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