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  • Krav Maga Classes FAQ

    Below you’ll find a listing of common questions typically asked by participants before starting Krav Maga Classes. Here you’ll find the info you need to help you get started.

    Are Krav Maga classes appropriate for someone who’s never done anything like this before?

    Yes. Our Fundamentals Program is a White Belt Level class and perfect for anyone starting Krav Maga training. Our youth Krav Maga classes are organized by age and therefore appropriate even for younger kids and for kids with little or no experience. Our Police training classes are ONLY for LEO’s (Law Enforcement Officers) and appropriate, level instruction IS how we teach. Our fitness Cross Training classes are “go at your own pace” and also appropriate for anyone who’s just beginning their work outs and training.

    Regardless of which program is right for you – and regardless of your age, size, skill, and ability – you can train with Krav Maga New York and feel at home.

    When are the classes?

    We hold classes everyday of the week and often offer more than one class per day. Visit our Class Schedule page for details.

    How long are the classes?

    Classes run 1 hr. unless otherwise specified on our schedule.

    Can I try a Krav Maga class before going any further?

    Absolutely!  You can ‘drop in’ for a Fundamentals class or anyone of our Fitness classes.

    Access our member connect website and go to class schedule page, select the Fundamentals or Fitness class that you’d like to participate in by clicking the colored icon next to the class you choose.  Create a password an log in if you don’t already have one and drop in.  We’d love to see you there.

    What do I wear when I come for my first class?

    Wear comfortable clothing, as if you were going to the gym or for a run. If you have a clean pair of sneakers, please bring them with you and change into them at the center. We train with sneakers, and on mats, so if you can help us keep the mats clean, we’d appreciate it. Bring some water and an extra t-shirt to change into after class is also a good idea.

    Do I need any gear?

    If you have gloves or wraps, bring them, if not, don’t worry. You’ll learn how to use an open hand, or you can borrow our gloves. But ultimately, if you decide to train with us, you’ll need some gear to get the most out of your classes. The gear that you’ll need can be purchased separately.

    Can I just show up?

    You can visit us anytime. It helps us to plan for your visit if you can let us know in advance. Scroll to the very top of this page and click on “Training Locations” for directions. Please follow the printed directions because GPS doesn’t always find our location.

    How much do classes cost?

    Unless you have Krav Maga or other Martial Arts experience, our Fundamentals class is where you should start. You can find program details and register here.

    How are payments made?

    Payments are made on the 1st of every month by credit or debit card. We accepts all major credit and debit cards and we’re a registered merchant. As such, we follow all security and privacy guidelines required by law by your lending institution.

    Can I pay in cash?

    You can make your first payment in cash or by check, but all subsequent monthly payments need to be made through your credit or debit card.

    Can I pay per class?

    Except for your first ‘drop in”, no – sorry. The average student participating in our Fundamental program will complete the training in 3 months or less. If you’re not interested completing this program, you can opt for a Month-to-Month membership, but we do not offer pay per class options.

    Krav Maga NY offers Beginner through Black Belt Level courses organized in training blocks, each with a fixed beginning and end. Though Month-to-Month plans are available, our programs for people who want to learn complete training blocks, the most basic of which is Fundamentals (3-months). So if you decide to learn a complete course, you can train with us.

    What happens after I complete the Fundamentals program?

    After your initial program term ends, your membership will renew unless terminated or unless you chose to move on to the next training level. Our incentive program allows our members to graduate to the next level without having to pay any registration fees.

    How do I enroll?

    It’s easy. Click here, click on Fundamentals, and follow the online instructions. You’ll have to create a username and password.

    If you’re interested in programs other than adult Fundamentals, contact us here.

    Are there belts in Krav Maga?

    Krav Maga is a progressive training program so yes, it’s a belted system – White belt through Black Belt (and beyond), but we don’t wear belts in class nor do we follow customs typically associated with traditional martial arts, like taking off our shoes. The belt levels simply help differentiate the curriculum and in turn helps students understand the system progression.

    Unless you have experience with Krav Maga, you’ll start with Fundamentals- the White Belt level. If you have experience in other martial arts, you may want to start at the Beginner level, or other levels – and you’re likely to move through the levels quickly.

    All the information you need to understand belts, levels, promotions, training time, training blocks, etc. is made available to all students in a printed Student Manual and online through our member connect portal.

    How do you advance levels?

    Krav Maga NY holds both training workshops and promotions quarterly. Workshops are always held the last week of every calendar quarter. Belt promotions are special one day events scheduled separately. Workshops help the student stay on track, understand the material, ask questions and receive feedback from the Instructors. Once you’ve attended these, you can attend a belt promotion.

    Although we encourage you to attend belt advancement promotions, we won’t force you. Belt promotions bring the best out of everyone and your experience will be complete, we feel, once you attend your promotion. But whether or not to attend your advancement promotion is ultimately your choice.

    Are you affiliated with any other Krav Maga centers or association?

    We are affiliated with Krav Maga Alliance and Fit to Fight, and we’ve trained with many Krav Maga centers nationwide and overseas, including Israel.

    Can I attend class in Somers and Middletown?

    Yes, of course.  Once you’re a member you can attend class at either Krav Maga New York Training Centers and there is no additional fee.

    How do I get started?

    Get started with Fundamentals. Click here, select “sign up” and follow the online instructions.

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