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  • Krav Maga Training – Trial Classes

    Getting started with Krav Maga New York is easy. We’re open 7 days a week, we run just under 50 classes a week, and our programs offer unlimited participation. Our membership options are suitable for adults, children, families (parents who want to train with their children), fitness only and women only self-defense. We never charge testing fees, we offer discount family plans and incentives for continuing students, and all of our memberships options come with a guaranteed 30-day cancellation policy.

    Our QUICK START program is only $19.95 and offers:
    1. A trial class.
    2. A consultation with our Instructors after class to discuss our scheduling and program options.
    3. A $100 one time discount coupon offer that you can apply after class toward your membership.

    To take a TRIAL CLASS:
    1. Click the Quick Start button below.
    2. Select any beginner level class from the class calendar (color coded white, green, blue, pink to purple).
    3. Follow the instructions to “Drop In” for a class.


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