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  • Self Defense Classes and Training Options

    Krav Maga New York offers training options for adults, kids, parents, Law Enforcement and women only. We run just under 50 classes every week, including self defense classes, fitness classes, cardio kickboxing workouts, character development for kids, Law enforcement only classes, and sparring. Our centers also offer training camps, presentations and private, one on one training.

    Self Defense Classes For Adults

    Although Krav Maga is a belted system, the promulgation and distribution of belts is not the primary goal. Krav Maga training is about street survival, the real thing, and for many students and Instructors, very personal.

    Krav Maga based self defense classes for levels Beginner through Black Belt are available through Krav Maga New York everyday of the week in Somers, Westchester County and in Middletown, Orange County.

    Taught by the same high level Instructors that regularly train Law Enforcement, classes are based on a nationally recognized revolving 3-month curriculum (available to all students via our Member Portal) and feature Krav Maga based fitness exercises and defensive training.  

    See our schedule for class details.

    Self Defense Classes For Kids

    Krav Maga Kids, our youth training program, offers Krav Maga based self defense classes as well as Verbal Self defense, a character development and anti bullying program for kids. Classes are available for kids ages 4 to 6, 7 to 10 and 11 to 14. This program can be a great alternative to other after-school activities.

    Our program’s primary goal is to foster a safe, fun and positive environment.  Kids who participate are in the program long term gain coordination, discipline, courtesy, respect, self defense, self control, self esteem, and the life skills that will make them rock solid.

    Classes for kids are available Monday through Thursday and on Saturday. Parents and kids also have the option of training together on Sundays.

    Police Training

    Krav Maga based Police Training methods have received overwhelming reviews by American Law Enforcement because the system is instinctive, gross motor, and simple. It emphasizes state of mind, it understands and deals with action vs. reaction, and executes explosively even under stress. Just as important, it builds these skills and resulting ‘officer command presence’ in a comparatively short period of time.

    Our Force Training Team has trained police agencies as well as hundreds of LEO’s including members of Westchester County Police Academy, Rockland County Police Academy, NY & NJ Waterfront PD, NYS Police MRT, NYS Police PSU, NYS Courts SRT, Broome County Sheriff’s Office, New Paltz PD, Rotterdam PD, City of Rye PD, Mt. Pleasant PD, Sleepy Hollow PD, NYPD, Duchess Co. Sheriff, Putnam Co. Sheriff, US Department of Justice, US Customs & Boarder Patrol, Secret Service, and many more.  And we’ve presented, and continue to present, law enforcement tactics at both NYTOA’s annual Expo and Tac Ops East.

    Law Enforcement only classes are regularly scheduled and available in Middletown and Somers.

    Cardio Kickboxing Workouts and Other Fitness Classes

    Krav Maga New York offers cardio kickboxing workouts and other fitness classes like Cross Training and Yoga. Fitness classes are included with your Krav Maga program membership, but for those interested in Fitness only or Women Only Self-Defense, you can register for these classes as a stand alone program. If you’re interested in Fitness and/or Women Only Self-Defense and want to register or ask a question, contact us here.

    Self Defense Seminars, Training Camps & Presentations

    Krav Maga New York has offered and continues to offer Krav Maga Training and self defense seminars, camps and presentations tailored to select audiences. These include:

    Self Defense For Women Only
    Verbal Self Defense for Parents, Teachers and Administrators
    Custom Police Training Segments
    Intro to Krav Maga Training
    Proper Nutrition and Performance

    From Police Weapon Retention Training, to Police Weapon Takeaway Training, to our Snatch Proof seminar hosted way back in 2006 – and by way of countless presentations at Public Libraries, Temples, High Schools, Boy and Girl Scouts, Law Enforcement Conferences, public, charity, and many other events – we have contributed much to our community on the subject of personal safety.

    If you’re interested in hosting a seminar or presentation for your group, please contact us here.

    Private, One on One Training

    Private or semi private lessons are available on varied subjects including those listed below.  Prices vary depending on the subject and the number of sessions sought.  To receive a quote, contact us.

    • Combative Strikes
    • Basic Self Defense
    • Advanced Self defense
    • Fighting / Sparring
    • Ground Defenses
    • Defense vs. Blunt Objects (Stick)
    • Defense vs. Edge Weapon (Knife)
    • Defense vs. Armed Attacker (Gun)
    • Sexual Assault Awareness
    • Knife vs. Knife
    • Firearm Training
    • Concealed Carry Options
    • Use of Force
    • Weapon Retention
    • NRA Handgun Course

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