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Welcome To Krav Maga New York

Welcome to Krav Maga New York, Westchester and Orange County’s premier Krav Maga Training Center offering Krav Maga based Fitness and Self-Defense Classes for Adults, Kids, Parents, Law Enforcement and Women Only.

Krav Maga New York is home to hundreds of families and employees dozens of Instructors. We offer classes everyday of the week, offer a well defined character development program for our youth, and have been serving our community since 2004. We’re a local, community business that you can be proud of.

Our members are everyday people from all walks of life.  Our expert staff includes many Law Enforcement Officers who find our training methods worthy.  Our classes range from beginner level through advanced, and getting started is easy.  Above all, we care about every one of our members.

Our outstanding work been featured in various publications including, The Journal News, the North County News, Mahopac and Yorktown News, the Record Review, Somers Record,, the Blotter, Hudson Valley Magazine, Healthy Frontiers, and News 12 Westchester.

Classes are offered daily in Somers, Westchester County and in Middletown, Orange County.

It’s easy to get started.  Our Fundamentals Program is a short, 90-day program that’s perfect for adult beginners. It includes:

  • Unlimited class participation
  • All scheduled fitness classes
  • Training in Krav Maga basics
  • Emphasis on proper form
  • Monthly seminars on proper nutrition
  • Starter gear pack
  • Tier I coaches
  • A graduation ceremony
  • An incentive program offer for continuing students (a $199 discount)

All that’s missing is you.

Visit our Getting Started page to find out more.

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